Dr. Geber as Workshop Leader

Sara’s LifeEncore Workshop is a full day event that covers:

  • Clarifying your values for retirement decisions
  • The role of money
  • The value of work and giving back
  • Deciding where to live in retirement
  • Taking care of legal and financial business
  • Evaluating key relationships in your life
  • Continuing to have meaning and purpose throughout life

Workshop Design and Intention

Workshops are designed for personal growth: psychological, spiritual, and practical. Sara’s LifeEncore workshop is for anyone over 60 who wants to give some time and thought to where life is taking them in the future.

The workshop provides an opportunity to re-clarify our values at this stage of life.

It helps us use those values to make decisions about how and where to live, what is the best use of our time, and what activities bring us joy and fulfillment.

Workshops can be designed specifically for Solo Agers or can encompass a wider spectrum of participants.

Sara has been designing and delivering workshops for over 30 years, first in the corporate world and now as an expert on the retirement transition and preparing to live in the later stages of life.

Her workshops are content-rich, with a workbook and additional learning aids that add a visual component as well as a lasting experience.

With small group discussions and plenty of time for Q&A, Sara’s workshops are interactive, with a variety of activities. There is something for all styles of learners.

Workshops can be arranged and sponsored by an individual or by an organization. They can be held in any space large enough to accommodate the group size, with seating configuration and location negotiable between Dr. Geber and the sponsoring company. Although workshops are optimal when they are live, a virtual workshop can be arranged to accommodate travel and other restrictions on face-to-face gatherings.